Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weathered Gray and Pink Stenciled Dresser

I'm back again today to show you another furniture makeover!

It's funny.  Sometimes a piece of furniture just screams at me what it wants me to do to it.  Other times I can't decide what to do.  This one was loud and she said she wanted to be gray, pink, and weathered.  So I went with it and I am so happy with how it turned out!

This is the HEAVIEST and best built dresser I have ever worked on! It's solid maple, has 8 drawers and is great piece for any girls bedroom or nursery.

This is how she started out...

...A little rough with a coat of cream colored paint on her.  She needed to be lightly sanded.

Then I custom mixed a light gray paint.  Smoke Signal and Navajo White mineral paint by America Paint Co. is what I used for this one.  I really love this paint!  It goes on really smooth and when lightly sanded, you get a natural weathered appearance (with the colors I used anyway).  I did a light sand with a fine grit on the entire dresser to get this look below.  In some areas I distressed heavier to let some of the cream paint below show thru.

I knew I wanted a graphic stencil on the drawers to really make this dresser stand apart from the rest.  I call it my firework stencil and I picked it up from A.C. Moore for 40% off ;)
The color is a custom blended pale pink chalk paint.

I ordered pink crystal knobs from my favorite hardware source and they were perfect, adding just the right amount of color and sparkle.  You can find that exact knob here for a great price!

Then I added a matte topcoat, Varathane matte polyacrylic, that I lightly tinted with white paint to add more depth in the color.  I love that it is water based, easy to work with, dries quickly, and cleans up easily.  But mostly I love that is it super durable and maintains the matte finish we all love so much about chalk and mineral based paints.

And she was ready to make her debut after some quick styling from my daughters room and accessory shelves...

This one sold quickly on my Facebook page Re-Created! Furniture and Home Decor.

So what do you think?  Do you like stenciled furniture?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Classic Elegant Little Girls Bedroom Set Redo! (And what I have been up to for 5+ months)

Woops!  That post wasn't supposed to launch as an incomplete post late last night.  Not my fault, totally a Blogger Fail! haha
Here is the completed post...

Ummm...Hi!!!  Can you believe I am back?!  Did you think I was gone for good??  I've missed this little blog and will be back to posting once again I promise. 

Remember why I stepped away for, oh I don't know, 5 months?!  If not, go back and read the details in this post.   The gist of it is I set up a vendor spot (which quickly expanded into 2 spots) in a store in Philadelphia for my painted furniture and thrifting finds.  And that little facebook group I mentioned way back then?  The one that I started as another place to sell my painted items has over 1500 members now!  My custom paint waiting list is 6+ months long and the items I post for sale in my group fly out the door.  It has been a whirlwind and it grew much quicker then I expected but I have been loving every minute of it.

So yea, I've been busy!

All that I have been doing over that time = tons of blog content so I will slowly be going through the projects I've done and sharing them with you here.  If you want to see what I'm up to in real time, join my facebook group Re-Created! Furniture and Home Decor.  That is where I post my items for sale.  And if you are local to New Jersey, maybe you can buy something! ;)

Ok, now onto the bedroom set...

 This one didn't start out this pretty that's for sure.  And actually, when I brought it home, I said, "What was I thinking?!?!".  It wasn't solid wood, it's drawer tracks were broken, it was dirty, dingy and blah.  Then I started cleaning it and started to like it.  So it's press board...but it is solid and heavy, well constructed press board.  It was probably originally purchased at a children's furniture store so it's much better quality then you would find today at Walmart or Ikea.  Then I started priming it and liked it even more.  The white was making it look better already.  I use this primer for my non wood surfaces...
It's stinky, oil based, and you'll want to use throw away rollers and brushes but this stuff works!

Next, I started painting and I started to love the set again!  I thought, "Now I remember why I bought this set".  The empire styling of the rounded top drawers, the thick moulding, the keyhole detail, the rope trim and carved footing...all this set needed was a crisp white paint to bring it back to life.  I used Glidden satin eggshell so this has a tough scrub-able finish without needing a top coat.  It will be in a little girls room after all so it will surely need scrubbing at some point.

It is now an elegant, classic bedroom set fit for a princess!

Now, can we take a minute to talk about these knobs???  The bedroom set is great, but these pumpkin crystal knobs steal the show!  They add just the right amount of sparkle to this gorgeous set.

I got them from my new favorite source for hardware  The prices and quality can't be beat.  These knobs are crystal clear and so sparkly.  Go here for this specific knob.

This set sold within minutes of me posting it for sale :)

So what do you think of this little girls bedroom set?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trash Talkin Tuesday with a Makeover!

Wow!!  I can't believe it's been almost a whole month since we've done any Trash Talkin around here.  So let's do that today shall we?

I found this cute little side table sitting out by someone's curb a couple weeks back.  It was in pretty good shape, except for its one broken leg and boring orange-y oak coloring.  Nothing a little wood glue and chalk paint can't fix!!

The split in the leg was in the skinny part so that was a breeze to fix.  You can't even see it now.  It looks perfect and is super sturdy. 

I decided on a Taupe color for this little guy and mixed up a batch of chalk paint.  I decided to thin it and  try it out in my paint sprayer since the legs are pretty detailed.  It worked perfectly and left a smooth finish!

This cutie is currently up for sale in my Philadelphia vendor spot.

So how about you?  Any good trash finds lately?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Why I've been neglecting the blog...#NewAdventure

I think it's about time that I let you in on what I've been doing that has taken me away from the blog. 

This is a shot of my very first vendor space!

Yep, I set up a booth inside a store in Philadelphia.  The Ironic part is that I used to live 4 blocks from this place 10 years ago and now I'm in a another state. #GoFigure

How it works...
Well, Mike is the owner (and a super nice guy) and he sells his  painted furniture out of the first floor of the store.  Amazing stuff guys!  Like, I-want-to-buy-something-everytime-I-step-foot-in-the-door, amazing stuff!  So far, I'm holding strong LOL
Anyway, us vendors have spots in the basement.  I pay rent and put my cool stuff there to sell.

How it came about...
I've been following them on Facebook and when they posted about a backroom DIY sale, I figured I should check it out.  Of course, I bought things at that sale (I'll show you sometime hopefully soon) but even better then that, I got the scoop on how the vendor spots worked.  I thought "Hey, I can do this!".  And 2 days later I did.  I quickly raided my stash of accessories and finished up projects asap to fill it up.  As shown by the picture above, it turned out pretty nice!

It looks different every week as things come and go...
Week 2
Week 3...

 Week 4...

 Week 5...

 Week 6...
I took on a second spot but am soon going to be splitting it with a friend of mine

Man, this has been keeping me busy!  It's turning into a real deal business at this point which is exciting...and nerve wracking at the same time since I already have one business (my day job) and this blog to keep up with.  But it is fun and I love it!  I also started a Facebook group to sell some of my items locally before they would make there way 20 minutes up the highway to Philly.

So what do you think of my #NewAdventure?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chippy Window Picture Display & a Dessert Table {A Personalized Wedding Shower Gift}

Good friends of ours are getting married this fall.  And hubby and I are lucky enough to be in the wedding.  We are so incredibly happy for this wonderful couple!

Recently, the girls and I hosted a bridal shower for the bride to be.  In addition to a gift off the registry, I decided to do something a bit more personal and something that would serve as both a decoration and a conversation piece.

When I found this window frame on the side of the road, I knew I would find a use for it.  This was the perfect occasion to do just that.  I decided to turn it into a picture display of the happy couple from their childhood on up to their engagement photo shoot!

I started by waxing the window frame to preserve its current chippy state.  There was no need for it to be more chippy so this step ensured it wouldn't lose anymore paint.
Then I started tapping some finishing nails on the inside of the window frame...two on either side of one pane and two on the other pane.  The spacing between the rows I determined by arranging the pictures first.
Next, I tied some twine onto the nails & double knotted it.  Then I tapped the finishing nails in farther to hide them.
Now, to attach the pictures you have a few options...tiny clothes pins, a small hole punched so you can slide them onto the twine, glue, tape.  I chose hot glue.  The glue could easily be pulled off the twine should the recipient want to change out the images.  The pictures weren't originals either so I wasn't worried about them getting damaged (which they didn't anyway).

This project was a huge hit with the bride and other party goers :)

I also took on the responsibility of the dessert table.  The venue we had it in provided some desserts but the future Mrs. has a bit of a love affair with cupcakes (which weren't included).  So, it was a no brainer to incorporate them into the dessert table. 

I showed you earlier this week how to make DIY cake stands and today you can see them in action along with some others I made and more I found at my local Goodwill.

The cupcakes were a collaboration between me and the bakery at Walmart.   Could I have made them?  Sure!  But why, when there is a girl at my Walmart that will stand with me and let me customize to my hearts content?!  She listens, makes suggestions, and writes everything down so the other decorators know exactly what I want.  She even custom mixed a batch of icing in front of me so I knew I was getting the right shade of purple.  I think they turned out BEAUTIFUL!  For cupcake, I always add another layer of wrapper.  See how much more custom they look?

Have you ever made a personalized gift for a bride to be?   Do you have a go-to gift you like to give brides?

Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Cake Stands

Raise your hand if you like pretty dessert tables...
Everybody right?   That's what I thought.


Well pretty dessert table fans, this one is for you.  Today I’m showing you some SUPER easy, SUPER cheap, DIY cake stands.  They are the perfect addition to any dessert table.  The best part?  You can find what you need to make them at any thrift store across the country!

You will need :
  1. glass dessert plate
  2. glass candlestick
  3. clear silicone adhesive


I started with a glass plate.  You know the kind…they have some sort of sunburst pattern and small feet on the bottoms.  They are always in abundance at your local thrift store and in this case, my local Goodwill.  They had at least 6 in stock when I was there so I bought 2 @ $1.99 each.   You will also need a candlestick holder for each plate.  They can be short, tall, skinny, fat…whatever!  Get a variety and you can achieve varying heights which is always desirable for the aesthetics of a good dessert table.  I bought 2 also @ $1.99.  If you’re good at math, that means these cake stands will only cost you about $3.98 a piece!  The silicone adhesive I already had on hand and it can be found at any local hardware store.

I spread the glue on the top ring of the candlestick…

 Then, I placed the plate on top, making sure it was centered.

Let it dry and that’s it folks!

You can stack them…

Or layer them in your display…

Just make sure they are holding a tasty treat…

My recipe for this delicious turtle cheesecake can be found by clicking here.  
Or you could try these cupcakes with my amazing peanut butter buttercream frosting :)