Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone!  Its has been a super productive day in the furniture painting, errand running, and spring cleaning department; hence the late Friday Favorites post.  You can get sneak peek's before Friday if you follow me on Pinterest.  Just go here and click follow all :) 

Let's get right to it!

Maria Killam's White Kitchen
favorite kitchen - Seriously, you need to check out the before and after.  AMAZING!

Estee Stanley's European-Inspired LA Home | Popsugar ©Laure Joliet
favorite outdoor space
favorite sweet

favorite quote

fab porch swing
favorite porch

Color and Character
favorite cabinet

spring brights
favorite spring palette

CHALKBOARD WALL DINING ROOM Cottage Farmhouse Dining Room
favorite dining room

favorite ceiling
favorite shelving

office before
favorite office

Design*Sponge | DIY Project: Upholstered Door
favorite DIY

 What's your favorite?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Hey there!  It's been a few weeks since we've had a Thrifty Thursday around here.  So how about we remedy that today?  You good with that?  Okay then!

I found this amazing antique Bentwood canned rocking chair.  It needs some love since there are little white specks all over the wood.  I would guess that it has been in the path of a spray painting fool.
No, not me! :)

I have decided to just flip it instead of refinishing it.  I just don't have the room to hold onto it.

 If it doesn't sell at a price I want, I may turn it into something else entirely!  I'm thinking, some kind of sculptural wall treatment with all of the beautiful curved wood pieces.  
Or this...

If you follow me on Facebook or Google+ you may have already seen my next AAAAAA-MAZING score!

This beauty has a retail price tag of $249!  You will NOT believe where I got it and what I paid... Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $45!!!   Thank you Home Depot for donating your floor models so I could buy it :)

As soon as I convince the hubby that we don't need a ceiling fan in the newly redecorated master bedroom (reveal coming soon), it will be hung in its proper place.

I also took home the smaller version for $25 instead of the retail price of $184.  This one is missing some of the crystal details but I should be able to DIY something to fix that and put it in my master closet (if it doesn't hang too low which I fear it may)

Ahhhh how I love thrifting! :)
Do you have any AAAAA-MAZING finds to brag about?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Shop the Look" - Posting over at VMG206

Just stopping by to let you know that my monthly contributor post is live!

Head on over to VMG206 to check out my "Shop the Look" post!  You'll find all the links and prices to this Spring Home Office Mood Board.

Make sure you leave us a comment while we're there :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites {soft color pallettes}

Monika Hibbs 25 Tracey Ayton Photography 

It's time once again for Friday Favorites!


Let's get to it!

Monika Hibbs 25 Tracey Ayton Photography
favorite home tour - Seriousy, you need to see this place!

Arizona Street of Dreams
favorite doors - Oh how I adore these!

favorite gallery wall

favorite wallpaper

favorite leaded glass window

I would love to have an organized laundry room like this some day.  Love the cabinets for Laundry storage, and the area above laundry machines, much more usable!! :)
favorite laundry room

love this use of space!
favorite vanity

Classic Character
favorite bathroom

windows in stairwell charisma design
favorite window seat

slivery gray wall color
favorite living room

favorite dresser

how to decorate gold and brass
favorite mirrors

"Spring Outfit: Jade & Silver" by steffiestaffie on Polyvore
favorite look

favorite flowers

favorite quote

What is your favorite pastel of the season?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Updates in the Dining Room

I know!  I just finished redecorating my dining room right before the new year.  So am I crazy for wanting to change it up a little?  Maybe.  But the long, harsh winter made me do it!  I really wanted to add some bright, fun colors in the hopes it would spur spring on to GET HERE ALREADY!  I think it worked :)

In total, I only spent around $100 on new items with this impromptu makeover.
But I do confess...this was achieved only because I like to hoard collect decorative accessories like vases, candlesticks, and birdcages at thrift stores & store them on a shelf in my garage until I need them.  If I were to add all those items in there, I would probably come in at around $125 :)

It all started with these placemats and table runner I found at Christmas Tree Shops...


Then, I remembered this AMAZING dish set I saw at my local Goodwill a couple weeks prior THAT I PASSED ON...

They were a beautiful shade of aqua with a gold inlay design.  According to the stamp on the bottom, it was 24 karrat gold...and that would explain the original $39.99 Goodwill price tag for 6 plates and 1 serving platter.  They must have been there for a while because that price was crossed out and $9.99 was written instead...much better...but I didn't have a need for them THEN...

So I drove there as fast as I could ignoring all speed laws while obeying the speed limits.
And they were still there! PHEW!

You'll have to forgive me, I went a LITTLE picture crazy...

Most of the accessories for the table I already had or recently thrifted.  You can read about some of them here.

Aren't these curtains perfect for this color scheme?  They were a Target clearance find & under $15 per panel.  I just love the tone on tone Ikat print.  They are available online but are full price.

I used more thrift store finds for the vignette on the buffet I refinished.

I found the grain sack tablecloth on clearance at Marshall's...

I also bought the napkins that match the tablecloth. 
 I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them at first.  Then I realized I could use 2 of them to line the back of these glass doors...

  I decided to carry the dining room theme over to the breakfast bar as well.  I took the other 2 napkins and wrapped them around my existing placemats.

 This galvanized watering can was a thrift store find and fits in perfectly with my spring update.  I added life-like hydrangeas from A.C. Moore.

 I'll probably be changing back to my original design by the time summer gets here, but for now, I'm loving the color and life that this design has brought to my dining room.

 Are you making any changes in your decor in favor of more color?