Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chippy Window Picture Display & a Dessert Table {A Personalized Wedding Shower Gift}

Good friends of ours are getting married this fall.  And hubby and I are lucky enough to be in the wedding.  We are so incredibly happy for this wonderful couple!

Recently, the girls and I hosted a bridal shower for the bride to be.  In addition to a gift off the registry, I decided to do something a bit more personal and something that would serve as both a decoration and a conversation piece.

When I found this window frame on the side of the road, I knew I would find a use for it.  This was the perfect occasion to do just that.  I decided to turn it into a picture display of the happy couple from their childhood on up to their engagement photo shoot!

I started by waxing the window frame to preserve its current chippy state.  There was no need for it to be more chippy so this step ensured it wouldn't lose anymore paint.
Then I started tapping some finishing nails on the inside of the window frame...two on either side of one pane and two on the other pane.  The spacing between the rows I determined by arranging the pictures first.
Next, I tied some twine onto the nails & double knotted it.  Then I tapped the finishing nails in farther to hide them.
Now, to attach the pictures you have a few options...tiny clothes pins, a small hole punched so you can slide them onto the twine, glue, tape.  I chose hot glue.  The glue could easily be pulled off the twine should the recipient want to change out the images.  The pictures weren't originals either so I wasn't worried about them getting damaged (which they didn't anyway).

This project was a huge hit with the bride and other party goers :)

I also took on the responsibility of the dessert table.  The venue we had it in provided some desserts but the future Mrs. has a bit of a love affair with cupcakes (which weren't included).  So, it was a no brainer to incorporate them into the dessert table. 

I showed you earlier this week how to make DIY cake stands and today you can see them in action along with some others I made and more I found at my local Goodwill.

The cupcakes were a collaboration between me and the bakery at Walmart.   Could I have made them?  Sure!  But why, when there is a girl at my Walmart that will stand with me and let me customize to my hearts content?!  She listens, makes suggestions, and writes everything down so the other decorators know exactly what I want.  She even custom mixed a batch of icing in front of me so I knew I was getting the right shade of purple.  I think they turned out BEAUTIFUL!  For cupcake, I always add another layer of wrapper.  See how much more custom they look?

Have you ever made a personalized gift for a bride to be?   Do you have a go-to gift you like to give brides?

Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Cake Stands

Raise your hand if you like pretty dessert tables...
Everybody right?   That's what I thought.


Well pretty dessert table fans, this one is for you.  Today I’m showing you some SUPER easy, SUPER cheap, DIY cake stands.  They are the perfect addition to any dessert table.  The best part?  You can find what you need to make them at any thrift store across the country!

You will need :
  1. glass dessert plate
  2. glass candlestick
  3. clear silicone adhesive


I started with a glass plate.  You know the kind…they have some sort of sunburst pattern and small feet on the bottoms.  They are always in abundance at your local thrift store and in this case, my local Goodwill.  They had at least 6 in stock when I was there so I bought 2 @ $1.99 each.   You will also need a candlestick holder for each plate.  They can be short, tall, skinny, fat…whatever!  Get a variety and you can achieve varying heights which is always desirable for the aesthetics of a good dessert table.  I bought 2 also @ $1.99.  If you’re good at math, that means these cake stands will only cost you about $3.98 a piece!  The silicone adhesive I already had on hand and it can be found at any local hardware store.

I spread the glue on the top ring of the candlestick…

 Then, I placed the plate on top, making sure it was centered.

Let it dry and that’s it folks!

You can stack them…

Or layer them in your display…

Just make sure they are holding a tasty treat…

My recipe for this delicious turtle cheesecake can be found by clicking here.  
Or you could try these cupcakes with my amazing peanut butter buttercream frosting :) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thrifty Thursday - Planning the Guestroom

Time for another Thrifty Thursday.  That week went quick didn't it?  And of course I found some great stuff...

  • That huge frame was a total score at just $2.99!  I can paint it and add a mirror (the mirror would be pricey due to it's size).  I could add glass then turn it into a chalkboard.  Or I could add batting and fabric & turn in into a pin board.  the jury is still out on which I'll choose.
  • The shaking or creepy?  I'd say a little of both.  But when I get the ball rolling on the office turned guest bedroom they'll probably find there way onto a shelf for display.
  • The 2 ceramic kitchen canisters were only $2.99 each.  I'll show you their makeover soon.
  • I also found a cute little tray, a candle holder and a milk bottle.

And what about all this?  This is the direction I'll be taking the guestroom in.  Since the hubby will sleeping in there at times (due to a crazy sleep/work schedule), it was requested that it lean a little more masculine.  But of course there will be some feminine touches as well ;)
I think the most expensive item was that shelf at $5. 

I think my favorites from this haul, oddly enough, are the Presidential silhouettes.  Why?  They were the items that inspired the direction of the room.  They got me excited about a masculine theme and a color scheme that I wasn't intending on using.

What's your favorite from my stash this week?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trash Talkin Tuesday

Welcome back! Here's another trash update for you...

Because of my trash findin skills, I have a VERY full garage.  This weekend, it was time to address that garage...AGAIN!

Yes, that was it.  AFTER I already pulled a few things out.  It's getting better though :)

Anyway, we're here to talk about trash right?  So let's talk about this crib that I found at someone's curb on trash day!  It is is really good condition.  It didn't have any of the hardware but if anyone needed it as a crib, they could go buy new hardware.

I didn't need it as a crib but I had big ideas about what I could use it for.   Those arched sides?  Wouldn't they make a great headboard and footboard for a twin bed?  Why yes, yes they would!  And they happen to be the EXACT width as a twin mattress.  And WE just happen to need a bed for our 3-year-old son.  Now all I need is a frame.

Those pieces standing up there?  They would make a cute storage for towels in a bathroom, blankets in a family room or bedroom, displays in a store.

You might be thinking, "Ok, I get everything else, but what can you possibly do with those slats?!"
Well, they happen to be the prefect thickness to cute and use as a rustic table top.  basically they can be used like pallet boards.  But *BONUS* you don't have to pry them apart, clean, and "de-bug" them.  All I had to do was get out the drill and back them out of wood frame.

And there you have it!  The many uses of one trashed crib!!  I can't wait to show you the finished know...eventually :)

What was the last trash find you turned into multiple projects?
What would your plans be for the crib?

Trash Talkin Tuesday

2 weeks in a row!!!  It's a miracle!!!
Seriosuly though, I am going to try to post with more regularity and at least twice a week.  I have so many things to tell you, projects to show you, photos already taken...I just need to get the posts put together.

Looky what I found at the neighbors this week...

All these need is a quick sand and a coat of paint or stain.  I'm thinking of trying out stain with my new sprayer before we attempt to stain the new swingset in our backyard.  But I also think they would look really cool with a bright color on them.  We'll see! :)

The old neighbors are officially moved out so no more finds right next door :(
I guess I'll have to travel further than one house over for the time being LOL

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thrifty Thursday : Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday!!

On a recent visit to my local Goodwill, I spotted a cute little Mid Century Modern dresser outside.  Now, Mid Century Mod isn't exactly my style when it's in the it's original condition, but whenever I see a makeover of one in blogland I think they look super cool!  I had done a *little* research so I knew that they can go for some craazy cash.  So when I saw the price tag on this baby, I ran to the register! #colddeadfingers.

This photo below isn't the actual dresser, it's one that I pulled off google images because I forgot to snap a pic before I started sanding...DOH!

Mine wasn't in this good of condition.  It looked like someone previously tried to refinish it with some stain & poly but they left drip marks all over and the poly was flaking off in areas because it was waaaay to thick of a coat (or coats).

So I got out the sander and went to town.

First up was the frame.  Then I put the drawers back in so I could better visualize what it would look like in the 2 tone I envisioned.  And I liked it already!

Then I sanded down the top and the drawers as well...

It's funny but I actually ENJOY sanding now...with an electrical sander that is...hand sanding still stinks in my opinion :)

When I got it as smooth as a baby's bottom, I sprayed a coat of primer with my new sprayer and then a coat of white paint in a flat finish.  I topped it with 2 coats of polyacrylic in satin.

For the drawers, I rubbed on some danish cherry stain which is very traditional to the mid century vibe and added one coat of poly.

On the top drawers, I touched up the brass pulls that weren't in great shape by brushing on some gold spray paint.  Just spray it into a disposable cup, dip a sponge brush in, brush it on & just throw the brush and cup away when you're done.  Easy update!

And there you have it!  This beauty is currently up for sale in the South Jersey area :)

UPDATE : It has been sold!!

What do you think of my awesome find?  Do you like it better in its new 2 tone state?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trash Talkin Tuesday

Hello Strangers!  I know it's been a while so I thought I would pop in with some quick Trash Talkin this Tuesday.

I found this chair right next door with a sign that said FREE.  Why, yes thank you!  All it needs is a quick coat of paint & a recovered seat and it will be ready to sit under for someones desk :)

Then, there was this cute set of matching dressers down the street.  The size is perfect for a small bedroom or a little girls' room.  It's not everyday that you find a matching the good condition...down the street from your house.  So I pounced on them and they are already undergoing a makeover.  I can't wait to show you!

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