Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas in the Family Room...

 Are you ready to see what I did with some of those thrift store and Dollar Tree finds I posted about here and here?

I am far from done...I think I'll be crafting & tweaking right up until the big day!  But here are some pictures of where I'm at with my Christmas decorating as of now, and I really like it!

 Let's start here...


Project #1 : Add $1 snowflake to $3 mated picture frame.  Easy!
Project #2 : Add dollar store Christmas balls to $2 gold wire basket.  Super easy!

Project #3 :  Cut a piece of leftover burlap from fall projects using the cardboard frame insert as a template.  Place 1 reindeer ornament (from the 2 pack at Dollar Tree) on top of the burlap.  Place inside the $2 frame :)

Project #4 : Add $1 snowflake to .50 frame with tape.  Check!

 A really inexpensive way to decorate is to use your existing accessories in a new way and add something Christmas-y to it!
Project #5 : Add 1 ornament (of a 2 pack) to a vase.  Place Christmas balls in front.  Yep, from the dollar store!

 Now onto this vignette.  Remember this refinished coffee table I told you about here?
It sure looks pretty all dressed up for Christmas :)

Project #6 : Cut a piece of white paper using the cardboard frame insert as a template.  Place other reindeer (from the 2 pack at Dollar Tree) on top.  Insert into $3 frame.
Project #7 :  Place more dollar store Christmas balls on the beautiful silver tray found for $3 at Goodwill.  Simple!

It looks so pretty, I think it deserves a couple close-ups don't you?

 Moving on...

 Project #8 : Remove family pictures pinned to burlap memo board and replace with one of your 2 for $1 snowflakes
Project #9 : Remove picture from frame.  Replace with white paper.  Lean $1 snowflake against it.  Done!


This Santa is gorgeous isn't he?  Thanks mom! :)


This sofa table is still a work in progress.  I have a small, rustic, pre-lit tree I have yet to dig out that will replace the vase.  And I'm thinking an ornament wreath would look great hanging from the medallion.  I'll update when those are up :)

Project #9 : Fill birdcage with NEW in the package evergreen picks (originally $10 from Pottery Barn) that you find for $2 at Goodwill.  I swear, sometimes I feel like the luckiest shopper in the world!

Project #10 : Add beautiful Lenox Santa and use dollar store tree topper NOT as a tree topper :)

Project #11 : Add dollar store Christmas balls to a tray of orbs already on the coffee table & put another St. Nick in the background.

Lets talk about these STUNNING pillows for a minute.  They were a steal at Kohl's a few weeks back.  Only $10 each so I grabbed two! 

So, what Christmas projects have you gotten done? 

Check back tomorrow to see if I've had time to do more :)

Kisses <3


  1. Erica--these turned out so pretty--I love your theme this year. I have so much I want to get done--it was my daughter's 14th birthday this weekend, so it was all giggly girls, music, and ice cream cake at my house this weekend. I'm hoping to finally get to dig into decorating for Christmas this week--I've been so crazy busy!! I really love the birdcage too--I love taking things that are not "really" Christmas-y and blending them in. Everything turned out so nice.

    1. Thanks Snow! Christmas just crept up this year hasn't it?? In truth, this is the only room I really have done! LOL

  2. I love what you did with all of your goodwill and dollar store finds! I also really love the neutral Christmas theme you have going on!

    1. Thanks Desaree!
      I think you're really going to like my burlap covered stockings...that I am supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW...but am not haha. Oh well, that post might be moved to Wednesday :)

  3. Gorgeous! I have the same glittery reindeer from Dollar Tree! So fun to see it in some else's home too! I LOVE the pillow and think I need to take a trip to Kohl's to see if my store has any! Great job... just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Julia! I was in LOVE with Dollar Tree's ornaments this year!
      And yes, that pillow definitely warrants a trip to Kohl's ;)

  4. Your Christmas decor looks beautiful! I love how creative you are on a limited budget...great job! I'm new to your blog, came from One Project Closer - the humble brag party. I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading your past posts. I'd love to have you stop by my blog and pay a visit as well. You can find me at

    1. Thanks Joy! Your blog is great too. Loving the faux fur Christmas projects :)

  5. You are the queen of decorating on a shoe string budget, lady! I mean I quickly scanned the posts looking at the prices and just couldn't believe it. Seriously. Amazed :)